Vanessa Hudgens Identified album hits the UK!


Vanessa Hudgens

The long awaited Identified album finally hits stores in the UK (FINALLY!)

This is Vanessa Hudgens seconds album, V was her first. The teen hotties second album shows a different side to her and her music. Her first single from this album was “Sneakernight.”

The songs in this album are: Last Night, Identified, First Bad Habit, Hook It Up ft. Rock Mafia, Dont Ask Why, Sneakernight, Amazed, Dont Leave, Paper Cut, Part On The Moon, Did It Ever Cross Your Mind, Gone With The Wind. There are also 3 bonus tracks which are: Set It Of ft. Windy Wagner, Committed and Vulnerable.

Although she sold less copies of her second album then her first, I personally believe that this album is better. I liked V aswell but I like this album much more. Its more mature and in songs like “Gone With The Wind” it shows off her vocal range. I love this album, and I think you should all go and buy it! It rocks! Go Vanessaaaaaaaaaaa! 😀


One comment

  1. Finally!!!
    I am so going to bye it x3

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