Miley Disappoints Fans!


Miley Cyrus fans were left disappointed after the teen starlet fluffed her lines while performing live for Ant and Dec. The 16-year-old star’s label dished out a whopping 150,000 pounds on a private jet to fly her for a five-minute promotional gig on ITV’s hit variety show in London.

But viewers were stunned when she forgot her lyrics and stopped singing halfway through new single ‘Fly On The Wall’. The Hanna Montana star’s blunder has sparked an outrage among her Internet fans, with online blogs and fan sites flooding with criticism.

“It was so bad. I was cringing. She turned her head away from the audience and it looked as if she had forgotten the words,” the Sun quoted Olivia Ellingham, from Bedford, as saying. Another fan said: “How can you forget your own song?”

The fan added: “Due to time constraints the only way Miley could come to the UK was on a private jet. All her dancers were on the flight and they were chauffeured everywhere. The costs were covered by Hollywood Records who look after all Disney artists and Polydor.”


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  1. I watched the Saturday Night Take away show on Saturday! I love this weeks Ant Vs Dec to see who will be able to sell the most singles this week! I am supporting Dec and the mirror with his song “wake me up before you go go!” You can now buy your dec song here http://www.mirror.co.uk/dec/, remember proceeds go to charity (announced on Saturday) and it only costs 79p!

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